PromiQ provides consultancy and gives advice in the field of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments as used in dentistry. This includes the use of a cleaning and disinfection machine, racks, inserts, software deployment and detergents. PromiQ takes care for delivery, installation, maintenance and repair.

Besides standard products, we develop tailor made products like the PromiQ instrumentholder system, the injector strainer basket and a process registration system. Research and development is done in close cooperation with customers and partners. The extensive knowledge and experience of our team are very useful as these allow us to keep production in our own hands. This keeps us very flexible in responding to customer specific requirements.

Besides the knowledge and experience with respect to the use of machines for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, expertise is available in the field of process optimization, efficiency, ease of use and safety. And we enjoy sharing this knowledge with you with advice, instruction or training.

We mainly deliver equipment, accessories and maintenance in the middle and south Netherlands. Products we develop and manufacture ourselves are delivered directly or via distribution channels and partners.