Our challenge was to develop a product that really cleans and disinfects the bracket tweezer. And that's not really easy due to the fact that the jaws of a bracket tweezer automatically close when not in use. When they are thermally cleaned and disinfected in a washer-disinfector as the WIP guideline prescribes, the jaws remain tightly closed and proper cleaning and disinfection is not possible.

Based on the patented PromiQ Instrumentholder system (no EP 2594294 A1) we developed a special mini-container that solves this problem. Up to 12 bracket tweezers can be placed in a single container. Two containers can be places in one instrument holder and – as you probably know – five instrument holders can be places in a single carrier. This means that up to 120 bracket tweezers can be place in your cleaning- and disinfection machine by just using one filled-up carrier.

But most important is the fact that the bracket tweezers are automatically opened when placed in the container. And this operation takes no extra time! It however ensures perfect cleaning and disinfection.

The product is ready for use, but before scaling up production we await the findings of Marcel in Braekt. We expect to deliver the new product as of September 15, 2013. Watch our site for the announcement!