With the Miele VarioTD program the SPECIAL 93ºC-10¹ program became outdated. Today the VarioTD program is used in almost all hospitals for cleaning and disinfection of instruments. For the application in dentistry the VarioTD is the best choice as well.

According to the WIP guidelines, the instruments must be cleaned before thermal disinfection takes place. During cleaning, dirt and organic material is removed from the instruments. This prevents microorganisms to survive, multiply and spread. In order to prevent the solidification of protein, this happens at a relatively low temperature. After good cleaning, disinfection takes place at a temperature at which microorganisms will be reduced to an acceptable level.

When using the SPECIAL 93ºC-10¹ program thermal disinfection starts right-away: the water is heated to a temperature above 90°C. This is followed by one or more intermediate rinses. The program concludes with a final rinse at 80ºC.

The SPECIAL 93ºC-10¹ program contains no cleaning phase at low temperature. This means that protein will coagulate and can clog the instruments. When the machine is not able to remove this pollution during the remaining program-phases, the required cleaning results will not be reached.

The Miele VarioTD program follows the WIP guidelines closer. During pre-washing with cold water, as much as possible dirt and organic material is loosened and washed away. After starting the washing phase, the temperature is slowly raised to 40°C. Detergent will be dosed and the temperature will further raise to 55ºC. At this temperature, the protein will not solidify and therefore remains easily removable. After some intermediate rinses have taken place maximum dirt and organic material will be removed from the instruments. Then the disinfection phase starts during which temperatures raise above 90ºC.
PromiQ recommends Miele VarioTD program in combination with liquid detergents and proper machine adjustment.
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