PromiQ has developed an innovative instrumentholder system for the dentist and orthodontist. Using this system instruments only leave the instrumentholder for the treatment of the patient. The system therefore generates a significant increase in the efficiency in your practice!

The patented PromiQ instrument holder system (No. EP 2594294 A1) consists of a special instrumentholder in combination with a carrier. The instrumentholder includes a complete set of instruments for one patient. As an example a set for placing brackets would consist of a mirror, probe, tweezers, bracket tweezers, needle holder, thistle end cutter, ligature cutters, straight-how, headgear and a mosquito (photo 4). Five tool holders are placed in a carrier which can easily beput on the bottom or upper rack of the cleaning and disinfection machine.
When pliers are placed in the instrumentholder, they are automatically opened and therefore freely accessible by water and detergents. The latter also applies to other instruments such as mirrors, probes and tweezers. An optimal cleaning and disinfection is insured. The pliers can open after cleaning ín the tool holder can be easily lubricated.

With the PromiQ instrumentholder system contact with the instruments is minimized – the same applies to the risk for cross-contamination. Moving the instruments and loading the cleaning and disinfection machine is fast, effective and safe. Instrumentsets stay complete . labor-intensive work such as sorting instruments, loading and unloading cassettes or baskets is history. This results in an enormous improvement in efficiency.

The innovative tool holder system

  • Improves the cleaning and disinfection process
  • Is suitable for a complete set of instruments
  • The use of trays or plates becomes redundant
  • Improves and accelerates the entire routing in your practice
  • Provides a clean and uncluttered workplace
  • Speeds-up and simplifies loading and unloading the cleaning and disinfection machine
  • Heavily reduces the amount of contactmoments with the instruments
  • Improves the safety of staff and patient
  • Excellent return on investment when used properly
This patented system was developed in collaboration with dentists and orthodontists and is in line with European directives.
For more information please contact us and we will gladly discuss the options with you.


    For more detailed information download the user manual.