PromiQ developed an injector strainer basket for mechanical cleaning and disinfection of small tools and equipment such as drills, polishers and screws.

The small tools and materials are placed in the injector strainer basket. The basket is closed with a cap. It is equipped with a hose that is connected to the injector in the machine.

During mechanical cleaning and disinfection, cleaning fluids are injected directly into the strainer basket through the tube. As a result the contact with the instruments inside the basket is optimal.

The injector strainer basket is universal: it is developed to be used in a cleaning and disinfection machine, but due to its flat bottom it can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner as well.

The innovative injector strainer basket

  • improves the cleaning and disinfection process
  • supports fast processing of small tools and materials
  • reduces the need to touch the instruments
  • prevents small tools and materials to get lost in the machine and cause damage
  • improves the safety of personnel