To meet todays and tomorrows regulations and to stay compliant, good maintenance of the cleaning and disinfection machine is required. PromiQ delivers preventive and proactive maintenance according an official service agreement.

Cleaning and disinfection machines are intensively used, contain a number of moving parts and use chemical detergents. Regular maintenance in line with the application in your practice is required. Parts will be inspected and replaced if necessary. Conta-mination in inaccessible places will be removed. Temperature and duration time measurements will be performed with a calibrated measuring set. And after inspection and maintenance are completed, you will receive a detailed status report of the machine, which is useful evidence in case of an audit.

Together we will discuss the use of the machine in your daily practice. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We may introduce new products and propose improvements with respect to efficiency, routing, cleaning results and safety of your staff and the patient.

The main points of our maintenance agreement at a glance:

  • Periodic checkup and maintenance
  • Proactive and preventive maintenance
  • Fast and professional repairs
  • Detailed report of the status of your machine
  • Telephone support and direct contact to our professionals
  • Personal contact
  • Labor cost will not be charged during the contract
  • Just replaced parts will be charged
  • Availability of spare equipment when repairs take too long
  • Favorable pricing
With a maintenance contract you choose for certainty and continuation.
For more information please contact us and we will gladly discuss the options with you.