Process registration involves measurement and recording of process data like temperatures, times, dosages and messages during a process. To actually be able to demonstrate that instruments are properly cleaned and disinfected process registration is indispensable.

In the interest of the patient regulatory authorities develop rules and guidelines. For dentist and orthodontist it is of great value to demonstrate that they meet these rules. Proper documentation and registration is a minimum requirement. But there is much more ...

During cleaning and disinfection of instruments machine data and process data can be recorded and evaluated. After the program is successfully completed, the assistant will visually check the instruments and release them for usage when everything is okay.

Process registration can take place in various ways.

  • USB
    For this simple variant a USB stick or memory card is used. The machine writes machine and process data on the card. The assistant takes the USB stick to a PC and processes the data with a special program. This is labor intensive and hardly controllable. The procedure is not real-time and no digital release of instruments is supported.
  • Coupled with PC
    The machine is connected to the PC with a cable for direct data exchange. This allows digitally release. The PC should be in the immediate proximity of the machine, and can be used exclusively for this purpose.
  • Tablet solution
    More practical is the use of a tablet computer, which registers process data. If the data evaluation is positive the assistant will visually check the cleaning result. Next she will digitally release the instruments for usage. All that data including release information will be transmitted to a central computer in the Internet where a process report is generated and stored. Authorized staff can access these reports from any computer with Internet access and a browser. And of course reports can be downloaded, stored locally and printed whenever needed.